Shernita’s Blog from Prague 4

Here in Prague, the culture is to drink alcohol…all the time. And I do mean all the time. As soon as you sit down for a meal , you have to order some sort of alcoholic beverage. Wine is cheaper than Coca Cola here, unreal.

I don’t drink for fun, or just for the sake of having a drink.. I drink to get it in! I drink to get tipsy or drunk and I don’t even do that too often. With that being said, I’ve been forced to drink alcohol at almost every outing I’ve been to. (and lets not talk about the lack of chicken & the excess of beef and pork on the menus)

Now as a new girl in this culture, I want to live it up while I’m here and also not offend anyone. This country is new to me so I want to try new things. However, the lifestyle here is not for me. Cigarette smoking, swine eating & alcohol drinking.. I’ll pass on that.

The men here are aggressive as shit. It’s taken a lot for me to not curse someone out.  Anyone that knows me, knows that when I say no, I mean no. It doesn’t me maybe, or perhaps later, No is No. They say You want a drink? I say No thank you. They say aww c’mon have a drink , I say nah im good. Next thing you know, when the waitress returns, she places a drink in front of me. WTF?! So since I’ve gotten here, I’ve sucked it up (literally) and drank the drink.

Then I thought about it.. Shernita.. that’s not you! Aren’t you the girl who stands up for herself, the girl who doesn’t do anything that’s going to make her unhappy? Shernita, aren’t you the girl who encourages others to live the way they want to live instead of being so influenced by others?

Man fuck this! I gotta be me, no matter where I am. (Of course being respectful of others) So, for the rest of my time here, if I don’t want to drink  then I won’t drink and that goes for everything else too. And if a drink that I didn’t request “magically” appears, Imma let that shit sit right there. Real talk I don’t want drinks, I want money so ante up off them Korunas.


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