Shernita’s Blog from Prague 6

Pictures can’t fully describe how beautiful this country is. It really is a sight to see. I’m truly thankful to be able to witness it.

Another beautiful thing here in Prague, is Love. There is love everywhere. Young and old. Couples are everywhere, openly displaying how they feel for each other. From kisses, to warm embraces to holding hands. It’s here  in Prague. It’s really awesome to see elderly couples appearing to be as much in love now as they were when they were first married. Yes, married. I’ve seen a lot of wedding bands. A lot.  No one is ashamed to let the world know that they are in a relationship, and they are proud to be “taken”.

I must say it’s a nice change from NYC. I notice that there’s a lot less PDA (Public Displays of Affection ) going on in the states. I feel like it’s frowned upon. It makes me wonder if NYC has got it all wrong….

My future husband and I will be very wealthy (just putting that into the Universe) , and we will definitely come to Prague to join in on the PDA action. Or shit, we’ll get that PDA poppin right in NYC.. who knows…

Yummy isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Shernita’s Blog from Prague 6

  1. I must say when I leave the country this is something I think is just amazing, regional-cultural differences. Although I am not a fan,because New Yorkers be taking it to a whole other level sometimes with the PDA, being “proud to be taken” (Shernita 2011) is definitely wassup.

  2. OMG!! NetaBoo , U R thee 1. Im so proud of you and what you are experiencing. You sound as though you are having thee time of your life in Prague. All that is good there, please bring it back home to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the place to be, but we can use a little more of PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Enjoy & stay safe.

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