I’ve Got The Power!!!! (cue music)

Okay, I know.. I’ve been MIA… but trust me, it’s for good reasons, SWEAR!!

God is madd popping! My life has become a steady flow of getting paid to do what I love. I have been dancing, choreographing, hosting, acting, singing, and of course looking gorgeous.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo. I just wanted to be certain I got something I could live with for the rest of my life; a tattoo that means something. I refuse to walk around with my name (like I don’t know who I am), or someone else’s (womp), or something ridiculous like a dragon or butterfly wings on my ass. (No comment)

So, I did it. I went with a bunch of friends and boom got a tattoo. Go me! It took all of 6 minutes (although it seemed like hours).

I went through a really rough time last summer. And as ridiculous as it may sound, Jay-Z’s verse on the Power Remix really helped me push through and come out on top. It was then that I re-realized to never let ANYONE AT ALL steal my power.   So boom, a power outlet; to be a constant reminder that I’ve got the Power! And I always will  (cue music & Rosie Perez’s dance scene)

Now with that being said, in my opinion, anyone with multiple tattoos has got to be a psycho. Mmmhmm, I said it. A psycho crazed, out of their mind, maniacal, a lunatic, Kings County G Building… you get the point. That shit hurt. It’s uncomfortable and undesirable. As beautiful as tattoos are, they are certainly not for me. Oh and did I mention that I’m not good with needles? Yea, I get light-headed, dizzy and I start to lose feeling in my hands when around needles for too long lol. Needless to say my tattoo is still not done. (And who knows if it will ever get done lol)

Now when I walk in everybody do the Power Clap…

Shernita’s Gumbo… You know you love it….

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4 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Power!!!! (cue music)

  1. dope! i like the tat, i’m still considering what mine would be, but i know i’m gonna be all sorts of light headed and dizzy. i used to fight and kick and scream as a, let’s say, KID to not get shots at the doctor; i would prefer to administer that in any other form. let’s get our leading scientists on tattoo pills.
    imma put Shernita’s blog in my bookmarks!


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