Blizzard 2010: Bloomberg Doesn’t Care About Brooklyn People

So today, I stepped out of my house for the first time since it snowed. And all I have to say is ” You know this shit is…f**king RIDICULOUS!!”

First of all, my block still looks as if it snowed 5 minutes ago. One of the busiest streets in Brooklyn, Nostrand Avenue, didn’t seem to be plowed at all.  As I trucked it all the way down the ave, I noticed that each side street looked the same… Abandoned cars and fallen people with attitudes.

Now I haven’t been to the city yet, but I’m pretty certain that many of their streets are well taken care of… I’m almost positive that the people who live in Manhattan are getting around just fine. Brooklyn on the other hand, we out here straight stuck. Held hostage by the weather..I got shit to do… Fa real…

Every time there is some sort of severe storm, NYC is NEVER prepared. #wheredeydodatat? This is straight unacceptable. Get it together.

Senor Bloomberg,

No Bueno.

Buenas Noches



Christmas? No Thanks…

I’ll just be honest.. (as always).. I am not a fan of Christmas.  The older I got, the more I realized that Christmas is less about genuine sharing and caring, and more about who’s getting what, what somebody got you, and what everybody didn’t get.

Last time I heard, (and maybe I heard wrong), Christmas was about the birth of Jesus Christ. How Christmas turned into X-mas with a fat white man in a red suit?.. I just don’t know.

The rent’s late, the lights are off and the kids are hungry.. but people are rushing to get that Xbox, that Wii and those Ugg Boots.

Black Friday.. YAY! So now we’re physically assaulting our fellow “brothers and sisters” to get that Tickle Me Elmo and that 40inch flat screen tv.. Thats the spirit!!!

Personally, I’m looking forward to December 31st.. when the gifts are long forgotten and everyone is focused on becoming better people for a better new year. That’s the spirit I’m into.

Delicious.. aint it?

Sirens After Dark.. YOU choose the topics!!!!

Have you every wanted ME to sound off on a subject of your choice? WELL PADDOOOWW NOW IS THE TIME!!

As you all know I am a host and performer and as I know, you all want to see me do it! Come on out this THURSDAY to Rhapsody present SIRENS AFTER DARK!! December 2nd at Soiree (formerly known as BLVD) 199 Bowery. 10pm-4am  $20 Ages 21 and up.

Leave a comment about a topic I should rant or rave about at SIRENS AFTER DARK!! I promise you will have such a good time, you may want to slap your mama. (or maybe not lol)

A Colored Girl on “For Colored Girls”

Ntozake Shange’s Choreopoem ” For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” has hit the big screen. Directed by Tyler Perry, “For Colored Girls” is a Sensational movie with an all star cast. Its deep, its heavy and its real. I loved it and I will see it again.

I have noticed however that black men in particular are pretty upset about their depiction in the movie. They feel the movie is “man bashing” or portraying black men in a negative light. Now lets think for a second…

If I’m not mistaken, every day I turn on the radio I hear that I’m a bitch, slut, ho, slore or some other derogatory name.

Do I still love and support black men? Yes.

Many days I am harassed by men of color, who think it’s okay to make sexual commentary on the shape of my behind, legs, lips, hips etc etc

Do I still love and support black men? Yes.

How many black men of power are married to or primarily date women of other races?

Do I still love and support black men? Yes.

I’m the one who should be offended, No?

So after all this, a movie comes out to help us regain our power and do better for ourselves and Black men are upset? C’mon Son! Man up! Face the facts, a lot of Black men don’t treat Black women with respect, honor and love. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way it is. If you know that you always treat Black women with respect, honor and love, then you shouldn’t have any issues with the movie.

Here’s a few points to keep in mind:

We must keep in mind that this choreopoem was first performed in the 1970’s when women had way less rights and way less options, so the movie is based on that time period.

We must also keep in mind that there are physical abusers, verbal abusers, rapists, and just plain ole all round assholes in every race and culture. This movie is from a black woman’s point of view. Black women with Black love for Black men.

Everyday I turn on the tv or open magazines to images that don’t represent me. In not so many words , Im being told that being “just” black is “just” not good enough. I can’t tell you how many breakdowns I read that are casting “ethnically ambiguous” women. And FINALLY, I have not only a book, but a movie telling me what I’ve known for years..that pretty much “Im the Shit”. I have something telling the world that although I have issues (like we all do)  my skin is beautiful just the way it is, my lips are beautiful just the way they are and my hair is the right  texture just the way it is. I have something telling me that I need to appreciate, accept and love myself more. Y’all should actually be thankful for a movie like this.

So my dear black men, don’t get mad. Get educated. Read the play. Take your nieces & nephews.. man take the whole family to see it. Let’s teach our young men to respect and value their women and lets teach our young women to respect and value themselves.

Please feel free to comment.. this is an open dialogue for all of us

Its chilly, here’s something to warm you up!

So its a bit cold outside…. but no worries. I’ve got something to warm you right up… MY CHOREOGRAPHY!

You’re gonna love it….


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Shernita + Kanye West=(insert indescribable amazing feeling here)

Now, if you know me, then you know how I feel about Kanye West. Hands down, he’s my favorite artist. The only artist in which I have every one of his albums. Fuck what you heard, Kanye is the shit. Period.  And he can do no wrong in my eyes (sue me) I promise you, since I heard Power and Power RMX, I listen to them every day. Those 2 songs ( along with some Tye Tribett, Donald Lawrence and Rick Ross) get me through my rough days. (yes I have rough days too, i think they come along ever so often just to remind me that I am in fact human)

So when I found out that I was auditioning for Kanye West, I thought it was a hoax.

Then… Kanye walks in the audition. God help me.

All 130 of us girls, danced for our lives. Every trick in the book, every move we ever learned, every bit… was left on the dance floor. 130 dropped to 45. Then the waiting….and more waiting…. When I got the news, that me, Shernita Q. Anderson aka Shernitasofly.. would be dancing with Kanye West for an audience of approximately 12 million people, I was speechless. Words could not describe it. And on top of that, this is the first performance my entire family was able to watch.

The next few days would be full of pointed toes, last minute changes and smiles. We got a small glimpse into the world of a misunderstood genius. Honestly, not just because he’s an inspiration to me but Kanye is amazing, genuine and yes, he IS a nice guy. He’s a visionary…very involved in all aspects of his brand and he’s funny. Very funny actually.

Never in a million years would I dream that not only would I be performing with one of my biggest inspirations, but I’d get the chance to actually get to know him a little bit.  And I’m thankful to live in an age where thanks to technology, I am etched in history.. forever.

Here are the links…Im pretty obvious to see but just in case.. Im the only chocolate bald girl lol In Power, Im always on your left and in Runaway.. Im center.

Never Give Up…Your mind can’t even fathom what the Universe has in store for you. Hold tight…its coming….



Air Conditioning.. Enough is Enough

Now I know summer is coming to an end… but the air conditioning isn’t.

I can appreciate some nice cool air just as much as the next person, but is it really necessary to catch pneumonia just from doing simple tasks such as riding the train or shopping? I don’t think so.

Each and every summer, (on our lovely affordable public transportation system *sarcastic* ) I’ve had to ruin my outfit by carrying some sort of sweater or jacket for risk of freezing to death just to get to my destination. Its just not fair. ( I like to look good ya know?)

Or let me dare NOT  walk into some sort of electronics store! The freeze is on. My ears go numb and my nose starts running and by morning… Im popping the Dayquil just to make it through the day. It’s not right.

Summertime in NYC should not lead to possible death from hypothermia…

Although the temperature is cooling down, Im pretty certain the AC will be bumping well into november in many NYC areas. So bundle the hell up.

Busy? Uh huh Yea me too

Busy: adj 1: actively or fully engaged or occupied

Above is the definition of the word “busy”; Actively or fully engaged or occupied. If we think about it, aren’t we always engaged or occupied in something?; thinking, moving, creating, resting etc. However, despite being occupied in all these things we are never too “busy” to work,take care of ourselves,stay in contact with friends and family etc. Why?

Priority:n 1: status established in order of importance or urgency,Something afforded or deserving prior attention. The afformentioned things are all priorities. Things deserving prior attention. We will always make time to do what’s important to us. We will always make time to see that our needs are met. Sure everyone’s priorities differ and so do there places in our lives.

Sorry Webster but The Dictionary of ummm our REAL DAMN LIVES says:

Busy: v 1. You’re not on my list of priorities, 2. it’s not that I don’t have time I just won’t make any for you, 3. plain and simple you’re just not that important enough to me right now

So please, don’t tell me you’ve been busy because in all actuality, so has everyone else.

Is it still poppin?

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with my aunt while we were getting ready to go out.  So amongst the semi girly chit chat in front of the mirror, she went in her purse, and pulled out something I had never seen in the purse of a woman that age….

Something so astounding that my jaw dropped to the floor ( not really but kinda).

No it wasn’t a weapon.

No it wasn’t a vibrator ( I could have dealt with that).

It was…

It was…..


I was stunned.

My aunt is like 60 something years old.

Since then, one question has plagued my mind: How old is too old to be wearing lipgloss? I mean, is there some sort of age range for lipgloss? Or can one wear lipgloss for the rest of her life? And at what age should we being wearing lipstick? It’s all very confusing.

Now don’t get me wrong.. My aunt is fly as hell! But when she pulled that lipgloss out, I honestly didn’t know what to do. I mean you really can’t go wrong with a shiny lip.. well unless it looks like you put the whole tube on….. but that’s a whole ‘notha blog.

How long can our lipgloss be poppin?

Let me know your thoughts…..    Follow me. You know you want to.

Headphones PLEASE! NOW! ASAP!

Throughout the years I’ve seen numerous inventions  for the advancement of the human race; the flip phone, platform pumps and depilatory creams. Another wonderful invention was the creation of the headphones. They allow one to enjoy the lovely sounds of music ( podcasts and porn as well) in the privacy of ones own head.  With that being said I have a message for many of todays ghetto youth and just ghetto people in general:


Way too often, my life is disrupted by the loud, muffled sounds of Jeezy, Lil Wayne, or Dj Webstar blasting from some hoodrat’s sidekick. ( or some other wild cell phone device)  The jig is all the way up and I’m pissed off. If you can afford a $179 (with 2 year contract agreement) phone, then I’m sure you can shuffle on over to Bargain Hunter’s and get you some damn headphones.


No one gives a damn if you downloaded all of the hottest new tracks.. keep them to your damn self.

I will be honest though.. one time on the bus, (yea I take the bus from time to time. $89 for a metrocard? I’m swiping from here to Kingdom come) a man was rocking out to We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin. Amen and Hallelujah.

The Lord said come as you are…just make sure who you are ,(ms or mr headphoneless) doesn’t disrupt who I am. I’ll listen on my own time, not yours. Thanks.

You loved it didn’t you?

There’s more where that came from….