A year ago today I was going through changes. Major changes. Changes that caused me so much emotional stress, I didn’t think I was going to make it through. I didnt understand any of it, but I knew I had no choice but to move forward. Why? Because of the “divine complications” that occur when your dreams are coming true.

Within one week, my job lost me.. Yea, THEY lost ME and I had to move out of my apartment of two years. With most of my belongings in storage and no real reason to come back to the USA, I was on my way to Prague,Czech Republic to teach and perform for 6 weeks.

As I sat in JFK airport, you would think I would be excited. Truth be told, I wasn’t. I was speechless and uncertain. But, I knew it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t until I settled into sleep, stretched out on the first flight to London that I realized..WOW.. this is really happening.I’m getting exactly what I’ve asked for.Its always been my dream to travel, teach, and perform all over the world and BOOM!

A year later, I’m in an apartment that I absolutely love and ADORE! and my dreams are STILL coming true.

It’s interesting. As a child, I didn’t really have dreams. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t fathom how me, a little girl from brooklyn who grew up believing she was ugly, could make it. So I just didn’t dream. I would watch music videos and see all those little kids performing with Michael Jackson and I’d be like “Why and how did they get there? and Why and how am I not up there?” But, I guess there was always something inside of me.. no matter how quiet, that knew the life I was meant to live. I’m so humbled and thankful to be living my dreams.

Thank you God for ordering my steps, leading me in the right direction and always putting me exactly where I’m supposed to be.


Shernita’s Blog from Prague 6

Pictures can’t fully describe how beautiful this country is. It really is a sight to see. I’m truly thankful to be able to witness it.

Another beautiful thing here in Prague, is Love. There is love everywhere. Young and old. Couples are everywhere, openly displaying how they feel for each other. From kisses, to warm embraces to holding hands. It’s here  in Prague. It’s really awesome to see elderly couples appearing to be as much in love now as they were when they were first married. Yes, married. I’ve seen a lot of wedding bands. A lot.  No one is ashamed to let the world know that they are in a relationship, and they are proud to be “taken”.

I must say it’s a nice change from NYC. I notice that there’s a lot less PDA (Public Displays of Affection ) going on in the states. I feel like it’s frowned upon. It makes me wonder if NYC has got it all wrong….

My future husband and I will be very wealthy (just putting that into the Universe) , and we will definitely come to Prague to join in on the PDA action. Or shit, we’ll get that PDA poppin right in NYC.. who knows…

Yummy isn’t it?

Shernita’s Blog from Prague 1

I’ve been in Prague for just almost a week now and I’m having a blast. I’ve been extremely busy since I touched down. From rehearsals, to performances, to teaching classes, to meet and greets, to parties, I’ve done it in less than a week. All while dealing with a bit of jetlag (that kicked in a day later lol), a lil bit of sickness (that kicked in on the plane ride here) and just getting used to things here (that’s still kickin in )

Everyone here is extremeeellyyy nice to me and everyone speaks English! Thank God! Czech language is hard as hell, but trust and believe Im working on it.

So I know yall are wondering where the hell is Prague, what are the differences between New York and Prague and what the hell is it all about???! Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you….

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. It’s pretty much the center of Europe as Germany, Poland and Austria surround it. I found out that Czechoslovakia is non existent and it’s been this way for about 20 years now since the end of Communism ( I had no clue and thank God). There is Czech Republic and there is Slovakia. 2 totally different countries. Makes me wonder what the hell were my teachers teaching or was I just not paying attention (probably a lil of both)

Prague is an amazingly beautiful city. Every building looks luxurious. (Pics coming soon) However, in such a beautiful city, most people are .. sour (for lack of a better word) There isn’t much smiling or joy in the people here.  Everyone seems madd tight all the time. I was told it’s due to the communism in the past. Hopefully my beautiful self and beautiful energy will change some of that. There also isn’t much diversity. So far I’ve seen 4 black children, and 2 black women (including myself)!

Czech’s money is in Korunas(krowns), they use military time, you need a key to get in and out of every building, apartments are called “flats”, power outlets are circular, you have to push a button to flush the toilet, you have to hold the shower head to get ya wash on, cobble stone streets everywhere, there’s cookie crisp cereal, H & M, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC , and an Asian population (of course)!!!

So! I know that was a lot of information at once and I know you loved it! More Gumbo from Prague coming reallll soon!!!!  Subscribe so you can stay updated on my adventures from Prague!

Blizzard 2010: Bloomberg Doesn’t Care About Brooklyn People

So today, I stepped out of my house for the first time since it snowed. And all I have to say is ” You know this shit is…f**king RIDICULOUS!!”

First of all, my block still looks as if it snowed 5 minutes ago. One of the busiest streets in Brooklyn, Nostrand Avenue, didn’t seem to be plowed at all.  As I trucked it all the way down the ave, I noticed that each side street looked the same… Abandoned cars and fallen people with attitudes.

Now I haven’t been to the city yet, but I’m pretty certain that many of their streets are well taken care of… I’m almost positive that the people who live in Manhattan are getting around just fine. Brooklyn on the other hand, we out here straight stuck. Held hostage by the weather..I got shit to do… Fa real…

Every time there is some sort of severe storm, NYC is NEVER prepared. #wheredeydodatat? This is straight unacceptable. Get it together.

Senor Bloomberg,

No Bueno.

Buenas Noches


Its chilly, here’s something to warm you up!

So its a bit cold outside…. but no worries. I’ve got something to warm you right up… MY CHOREOGRAPHY!

You’re gonna love it….


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…you did what? and I should respond how?

So I’m on the A train heading home, minding my business. I notice a guy with a sketch pad. He takes a seat. The he gets up and takes a seat 1 over from me. (This is when I knew the jig was up) Ole boy (aka older man) proceeds to start drawing me. Yes, he starts drawing me. Every time I look over, he looks down. What he doesn’t know is that my peripheral vision is poppin, so I caught his ass long time ago.

As I sat there, being semi stalked, this situation sparked some thoughts in my mind….

Back in the day, if a man did that, it would be considered romantic, nowadays its considered psycho. It also had me wondering if he was younger, would I have been flattered instead of freaked out?  The whole “courting” process nowadays is jacked up. As a female you’re either getting hissed at, called a bitch (because you’re not interested in said hollering party) or getting stalked.

What happened to the days when men acted like gentlemen? Like seriously females, when’s the last time a man actually said “Would you like to dance?” What happened to things like manners, respect and ummm … sanity?

I know times have changed, but chivalry (and mental stability) sure as hell aint dead. If you aint acting chivalrous or (mentally capable) , then keep it moving right on past me to a woman of low caliber or the G building; because like MC Lyte said.”I’m not having it, no I’m not having it.”

Im still wondering if I should have given ole boy with the sketch pad a chance. After all, he found something interesting about me and decided to try to preserve it on paper and in his mind. And really and truly, when someone takes the time to let you occupy their mental space, you should be thankful…

I guess I’ll never know about the A train sketch artist.. mainly because I got the hell up and got off the train….

The Winter Olympics aka What were they thinking?

Now I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics. I think its remarkable what some of these athletes do. However, I’d really like to know who invented some of these events.  I mean seriously…

Some of these events truly have me wondering..and honestly Im actually a bit confused.

Ice Skating, Skiing and Speedskating…  I deal with. But curling?

Who…. invented….. Curling…. and Why? To me it looks like a big ass hockey puck and a swiffer.  I mean.. #cmonson

Now lets talk about Luge. Who said it was okay to fit ur ass on some piece of plastic and just slide… and did I mention that your toes have to be turned IN! Yall know as a dancer , I can’t stand a sickled foot!  The only reason I would do the luge is to wear those cute ass American one pieces! I know for a FACT , I’d look stunning in one of them. I would have to add some glitter or sequins or something though.

But, despite all of this madness, the award for the WTF Event goes to the biathlon… HANDS DOWN! Athletes ski for a while and then shoot targets, then ski some more and shoot more targets. Maybe its me, but what the hell is that about! #wheretheydothatat  Is the Olympic Committee drunk? They would have to be in order to approve some of these events. Or who’s “doing favors” to get these events recognized? The jig is all the way up. #sideye

What baffles me even more, is the fact that people are dead serious about these sports! People train years for these events!

This is clearly one thing I may never understand, but before I go, I have come to this theory: Most of these events were created out of sheer boredom. There was nothing else to do because it was too damn cold, so hey why not make up some foolishness and call it a sport?.

Maybe we should all be inspired by the events at the Winter Olympics, when life hands you snow and boredom, just figure out something to do with it and maybe one day it’ll get recognized on a worldwide scale.

The Gumbo’s good aint it?


But save room…

Old folks need to ACT RIGHT!

2010 is almost here and I know everyone is all gung ho about new years resolutions. So, Im gonna share one of mine with you…

One of my resolutions is to continue to restrain from kicking an older persons ass!

Now I know it sounds a little rude and disrespectful but lets be real, yall know yall feel the same way.

Old folks think they run the town tonight, last night.. shit.. every night since Christ was born. They think that because they’ve been on this earth a little longer than some of us, they can do whatever the hell they want and say whatever the hell they want. And Im here to let it be known; it aint going down like that. Yes I have respect for my elders, but sometimes they just get a little out of hand.

For example, Im in the supermarket waiting on line to pay, and because I didn’t move forward in a timely manner (according to her old ass), she decided not only to skip me, but to assault me with her baggage. Then she gonna have the nerve to talk shit. I told old girl straight up, ” Baby boo you bumped me, but one hit from me, and your ass will end up admitted to the nearest hospital. So slow ya role”. Was I wrong for that? I don’t think so. I could have just attacked her like I initially planned on.

They always talk shit about how us “young’ns” don’t have respect and boy how times have changed. Man, fuck that. Last time I checked, before we were 25, 65, or 105, we are all human first. What happened to basic and common courtesy and respect for a fellow human being? I don’t give a damn what you been through or what you’re going through now. You’re gonna have to respect me as well or else things are gonna get crazy. You’re never too old to get checked. Who gon check me boo?.. SHERNITA will!

So in the meantime, I’ll continue to keep it cool for 2010. But make sure and warn your out of control elders that if they cross me, things could get severe. I aint the one.

Flats are out Heels are in.. get into it!

kitten heelSo I’ve noticed lately that the general height of a woman’s shoe heel has decreased. Now don’t get me wrong, Im all for comfort, but I gotta look good in the meantime.

Now 4 inches in my opinion is just too damn high, unless you got a ride to and from the party.(and dont be tardy)  Give me a strong 2.5 to 3 inch heel and Im good to go. But I’ve heard and seen this monstrosity called a Kitten Heel. And Imma be honest… that does not count as a heel or even a real shoe for that matter. A kitten heel is just plain pointless, it clearly doesn’t give enough lift and it makes your legs look like tree trunks. (No thank you) I don’t care if they match your outfit perfectly, I don’t care if they are comfortable.. I don’t even care if you got them for free! It’s just unforgivable.  There’s nothing wrong with a little wedge but the kitten heel… just ruins lives.

Now I know you’re wondering how I feel about sneakers… so here goes…If it don’t have a heel then it better be a high top otherwise.. just throw it in the trash. I’d actually rather you put on a serious sock and walk on releve (a rising up onto full point or half point from the flat of the feet.)….than to have on any type of flat situation. Im just being honest…

Ladies, if you’re gonna step out and show them what its all about, Please put on a shoe that’s appropriate…. flats don’t count. They never have and they never will.

The Gumbo’s Good Ain’t It?

Hope you saved room for seconds….

How To Spot a Bum

Often times, when we see people on the streets or subways begging for food or money, the word “Bum” comes to mind. However, not all homeless people are bums and not all bums are homeless.  In my opinion, a homeless person is one who has fallen on hard times and  doesn’t have a place to live.

However, A bum, is a person who just WON’T get their damn lives together. I know, I know, you’re not sure if you’ve ever seen a Bum in real life. Im here to let you know… THE JIG IS UP! You see them and deal with them every single day. They’re  hiding in plain sight, lurking next to you every step you take.

For example…

That family member who’s  ALWAYS sleeping on ya couch, then asking to borrow a dollar?.. yea the jig is up, they’re a BUM.

Those guys on the corner when you leave  in the morning, who are in the exact same spot when you return in the evening?……. Yea, they’re BUMS.

That woman who asks you for 14 cent everyday?……………… Mmmhmm.

That person who always wants to go out to eat, but never got no money when the bill comes?…………….. Yup.

The 9000 year old man who insists on hollering at you?……………….. Yea, he’s one them too.

Now friends, these are just a few examples of the Bumtasticness going on in the world today. Feel free to comment and add your own scenarios. In the meantime, be on the lookout. Bums comes in all shapes and sizes, from Broadway Junction to Broadway and 42nd , from Central Park to Park Place, from Coney Island to Rikers Island,  Bums get around.

So be careful, cuz they’re  Bumming all over the city.. and Beyond.

Delicious wasn’t it?

There’s always room for more Gumbo.