Lift Off

On a recent flight, I was seated in the first row of the coach section. YAY! I can get on AND off of the plane faster and of course my favorite.. I get to see ALL of the wonderful events occurring.. IN FIRST CLASS!!!

Aaah yes.. I  get privileges such as watching the first class passengers sip on complimentary beverages as soon we take off,  enjoy the smell of their delicious meals (being served to them with the best of service ) and best of all, I get to see it all through a lovely sheer curtain! YAY ME!

Oh and did I mention I get first dibs on feeling that BRISK air conditioning while watching the first class passengers get blankets? Oh Joy!!

Don’t worry First Class, Its coach for now, but soon it will be my own private jet! How ya like dat!!!!



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Everybody Calm Down, its not Summer Just Yet

So Im sure we’ve all noticed that the temperatures are rising. YAY! It is definitely time to put the bubble triple fat goose northface fur fleece chincilla coats away!

However, some type of jacket is STILL necessary. I mean , let’s be real… it gets damn chilly at night! There would be no need to walk around with your shoulders all high and hands in your pockets if you would have packed some type of light long sleeved outerwear.

Got it? Good!

So now that we’ve discussed the arms, lets talk about the legs. Shorts? Really? I mean.. I guess I could deal with a bermuda short… then again.. No I can’t. And actually, I WON’T! Bare legs are not an option yet, cover them joints up. Your leg hairs are standing straight up because its type cool outside. Chill out.

And lastly, on to the feet… FLIP FLOPS??!! FA REAL?!! Thats just plain nonsense. If you have to wear a leather, you should NOT have your toes out! That’s just plain ridiculous. I mean come one people!!! We are all excited to finally have warm weather but there’s no need to jump the gun.

In conclusion, it will be officially warm soon. No need to worry. So in the meantime, calm that ass down and dress appropriately. Thanks.

I know you were hungry…. It was late but it was good wasn’t it?

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