Lift Off

On a recent flight, I was seated in the first row of the coach section. YAY! I can get on AND off of the plane faster and of course my favorite.. I get to see ALL of the wonderful events occurring.. IN FIRST CLASS!!!

Aaah yes.. I  get privileges such as watching the first class passengers sip on complimentary beverages as soon we take off,  enjoy the smell of their delicious meals (being served to them with the best of service ) and best of all, I get to see it all through a lovely sheer curtain! YAY ME!

Oh and did I mention I get first dibs on feeling that BRISK air conditioning while watching the first class passengers get blankets? Oh Joy!!

Don’t worry First Class, Its coach for now, but soon it will be my own private jet! How ya like dat!!!!



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Christmas? No Thanks…

I’ll just be honest.. (as always).. I am not a fan of Christmas.  The older I got, the more I realized that Christmas is less about genuine sharing and caring, and more about who’s getting what, what somebody got you, and what everybody didn’t get.

Last time I heard, (and maybe I heard wrong), Christmas was about the birth of Jesus Christ. How Christmas turned into X-mas with a fat white man in a red suit?.. I just don’t know.

The rent’s late, the lights are off and the kids are hungry.. but people are rushing to get that Xbox, that Wii and those Ugg Boots.

Black Friday.. YAY! So now we’re physically assaulting our fellow “brothers and sisters” to get that Tickle Me Elmo and that 40inch flat screen tv.. Thats the spirit!!!

Personally, I’m looking forward to December 31st.. when the gifts are long forgotten and everyone is focused on becoming better people for a better new year. That’s the spirit I’m into.

Delicious.. aint it?

Hair today Gone TODAY!!

Every time I look in the mirror, I thank God for a few things.. Number 1: For Being Alive, Number 2: For Being Absolutely Gorgeous and Number 3: For not having hair in inappropriate places. There are females out there with facial hair and chest hair … this is when I realize how blessed I really am.

Now I know that one can’t control where hair grows, but one can sure as hell keep it under control!

As I sat on the train one day, minding my business, this woman comes and sits down in front of me. It would have been all good except for the fact that she had a MUSTACHE! Now come the hell on! I mean, aren’t there products for that? Surgery maybe? Prayer even?! Its just not right. It’s 2010, we have a black president, equal rights (almost), and the jig is still up! There’s no need to be walking around looking like that.

It’s also not fair to the people around you to have to deal with that inappropriate ass hair! Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! The answer is.. GET RID OF THAT UNSIGHTLY HAIR PLEASE! Nair, Sally Hensen, Sallie Mae, a razor, a knife, or shank; I don’t care how.. just get it out of here. Thank you.